About Good People in Bad Places

Good People in Bad Places  is the newest and most reliable site online today. We are a dedicated team that understands the struggles incarcerated men and women face on a daily basis behind bars.

Our company has extensive experience with family and friends who were and are currently incarcerated. Therefore, the services we offer have been created in part from the needs they have and want.  The services that are provided will make the lives of incarcerated men and women a little easier while behind bars. letters-867703_640

It is no secret that there are hundreds of pen pal sites online. Many sites only place inmate profiles and ads on their site just to forget about them. They do not offer services and their sites are plain and old. However, we are different in so many ways. For example, our site is beautifully put together and easy to navigate. We offer 30 plus services inmates need to make life better in prison. Not only that, but we do extensive promoting and advertising to get our members responses to their ads.

These are just a few reasons why you have made the right decision to visit Good People in Bad Places. We take pride in being the first and last pen pal site you will ever need when searching for a new friend.

From all of us at Good People in Bad Places, thank you and enjoy!

Mission Statement

We pride ourselves in making the lives of our members and visitors easier. This is why we offer the best services and features to our members. Our site is fun and easy to navigate unlike many others.

Who We Are

The NEWEST and BEST pen pal site online today. We offer many services to help keep incarcerated men and women connected to the free world. Our company is made up of professionals who are dedicated to providing an easy-to-navigate site that allows visitors an opportunity to get to know incarcerated men and women.

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