• What is Good People in Bad Places?
    We are the newest and best pen pal site online today. We offer many services to help keep inmates connected to the free world. We are a company of professionals dedicated to providing an easy-to-navigate site that allows visitors an opportunity to get to know inmates.
  • How are your site and services different from the rest?
    Dedication! We pride ourselves in making the lives of our members and visitors easier. This is why we offer the best services and features to our members. Our site is fun and easy to navigate unlike many others. 
  • What are the numbers next to the inmate's name?
    The numbers or letters are the inmate’s Department of Corrections Id number. Each inmate is given a number for identification.
  • Can I pay for an inmate from outside the USA to join your site?
    Yes. We will accept all inmates regardless of location, gender, or crime. Everyone deserves a chance to connect.
  • Do inmates have to be in their profile photos?
    Yes. Inmates must be in all of their photos.
  • When I want to leave an inmate an email do I have to put my mailing address?
    Yes. It is required that your mailing address be provided when contacting an inmate.
  • How can I do a background check on an inmate?
    We offer a public criminal records link you may use.
  • What if an inmate’s page expires before they have a chance to renew it?
    We will keep all our members information and pages on file. If a member’s page expires and they would like to renew it, no problem, we have it.
  • Can inmates receive phone calls in prison?
    Not likely. Inmates are usually only permitted to make phone calls. Most calls are collect or pre-paid.
  • How many inmates can I write and contact from your site?
    You can contact as many inmates as you’d like.
  • Am I allowed to send an inmate money?
    Yes. You will have to check with the inmate’s institutional rules and procedures. In most cases, yes.



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